Britney’s fibromyalgia story

Once a month I am going to be sharing other fibromyalgia sufferers fibromyalgia stories. I'm doing this so my readers can read about other people's experiences , relate to others and to not feel alone. Every person with fibro has a different story. Also they will have different symptoms and coping strategies. I hope you … Continue reading Britney’s fibromyalgia story


My fitness goals

Exercise is important with fibromyalgia. No matter how little you do it may help with pain, attitude and depression. Not moving makes pain worse, well it does for me.                                                     … Continue reading My fitness goals

‘Fibromyalgia isn’t a disability ‘. Failing my health assessment

So after waiting 7 months for the outcome of having a health assessment I have been told I've failed it. The reasons are laughable apparently because I'm able to walk and as I bake cakes I do not have a disability. Granted I'm a lot more mobile than others with fibromyalgia, but currently I am unable … Continue reading ‘Fibromyalgia isn’t a disability ‘. Failing my health assessment

Gluten free oat and peanutbutter cookies

These oat and peanutbutter gluten free cookies are delicious and so easy to make. You also only need 4 ingredients                     Ingredients                                                -100mg … Continue reading Gluten free oat and peanutbutter cookies

Pressure points

When being diagnosed with fibromyalgia the doctor will test your pressure points. If you have fibro you would know that prodding these points can really hurt. My main pressure points that bother me the most are my elbows. If I push my elbows in a certain place it hurts, obviously I don't sit there poking … Continue reading Pressure points

Fake it till you make it

I have been applying this saying lately, if I'm feeling down or having a bad fibro day I say I'm fine to myself.  I remind myself things will get better. A positive attitude makes me feel better within myself. Writing down or even making a mood board of what you want in life and what … Continue reading Fake it till you make it

Anxiety and fibromyalgia

It is important to get your anxiety under  control as anxiety can cause hypersensitive. Hypersensitivity is when your mind and body are more tuned into physical symptoms you are experiencing. Therefore you may find that your symptoms become worse. You may experience increased  pain, fatigue, tingling and any other symptoms you experience with fibromyalgia. Panic … Continue reading Anxiety and fibromyalgia

What if I can do it

All this time I've had fibromyalgia I had the attitude I can't do that. But I thought what if I can. I've said to myself I can't lose weight because I can't move, well I did I lost two stone and got up moving. I said I can't get out of bed, well I do … Continue reading What if I can do it

Why some people with fibromyalgia can’t work

Many people don't understand why some people with fibromyalgia can't work. To some we look perfectly fine, so why can't we work? Why can't we work through the pain? Why can't we take some pain killers and just have some caffeine to perk us up ? We have ok days so why can't we just … Continue reading Why some people with fibromyalgia can’t work