Fibro smoothie

I've been doing some research online of foods that are good to eat if you have fibromyalgia. I came across some fruits and vegetables and decided to make a smoothie. I also found one other unusual ingredient. All information is from online research.                         … Continue reading Fibro smoothie


Fibromyalgia and depression

Fibromyalgia  and depression come hand in hand. My fibromyalgia caused me to become severely depressed. Mainly as I had to quit my job and was less able to go out as much. The pain caused me to stay in bed more and more and to do less and less. My bed became my depressed cave. … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and depression

Fibromyalgia pain and sleep

I am writing this as I am siting here awake with fibro pain 🙁. As we all know fibromyalgia affects our sleep making us become  fatigued and iratable. It is important to get back into a regular sleeping pattern after a flare up. I know when having a flare up you just want to lay … Continue reading Fibromyalgia pain and sleep