Gluten free avocado high protein brownies

These gluten free avocado brownies are a healthier alternative and are delicious and full of protein.                       Ingredients: - One avocado                                             -One teaspoon … Continue reading Gluten free avocado high protein brownies


How to support people with fibromyalgia

People with fibromyalgia really need support from their loved ones and peers. Being supportive can really make a difference is how someone with fibromyalgia feels. Not supporting someone can make them feel like they have no one to turn to, that no one believes them and that they are useless . Firstly letting the person … Continue reading How to support people with fibromyalgia

My symptoms and how I try to manage them

These are the main symptoms that I experience with my fibromyalgia.                 - Wide spread pain. I get up and walk around for a bit I find once I've got going the pain seems to ease. Laying about makes it worse for me.           … Continue reading My symptoms and how I try to manage them

8 ways to get motivated

1. Set yourself a daily goal. Simple tasks such as walking to the shop, doing the washing, seeing a friend, cleaning the bathroom etc.                                                   2. Set yourself an exercise routine. … Continue reading 8 ways to get motivated

Gluten free nuttela, oat and banana pancakes

These gluten free nutella, oat and banana pancakes are delicious and so quick and easy to make. This recipe should make two pancakes.                               Ingredients:                                 … Continue reading Gluten free nuttela, oat and banana pancakes

Going gluten free helped with symptoms

A year and a half I go, i read online that cutting out gluten can help with pain, stomach upsets, bloating and IBS. I also read that these Problems can be associated with fibromyalgia. Usually I suffered from an upset stomach two to four times a week, so I decided to experiment. I cut out … Continue reading Going gluten free helped with symptoms

My fibromyalgia diagnosis

My story starts at around 18, I was feeling tired all the time being tarnished as lazy, when I would not get up to go to college. After going to the doctors a few times I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. I was glad to know what was wrong and to get the … Continue reading My fibromyalgia diagnosis


My personal experience with medication is it doesn't work for me. I've been on four different medications which didn't really improve the pain and made me so much more fatigued. Since coming off my fibro medication I am less tired. There's only a few drugs FDA approved for fibromyalgia.   So yes it is trial … Continue reading Medication

Why I don’t drink alcohol

I believe i am intolerant to alcohol. I get hangovers that last days And flare ups. Also alcohol can interact with medication, especially antidepressants and exasperates my depression, I can go a bit crazy when I drink. It's been said people with alcohol intolerance can't manage toxins in alcohol. I believe my alcohol intolerance is … Continue reading Why I don’t drink alcohol

Tips for dealing with fatigue

With fibromyalgia one of the main problems is fatigue. There are some ways to help reduced the fatigue. Pacing yourself is important even if your having a really good day, don't go over the top as you may crash the next day. Exercise is important too, I feel it energises me, especially going for a … Continue reading Tips for dealing with fatigue