When being diagnosed with fibromyalgia the doctor will test your pressure points. If you have fibro you would know that prodding these points can really hurt. My main pressure points that bother me the most are my elbows. If I push my elbows in a certain place it hurts, obviously I don’t sit there poking it. I find when I do repetitive things with my elbows, for example lifting, bending or reaching continuously this is when they start to flare up. It even gets to the point where I can’t move my arm. How I deal with this is to rub in pain killer gel into the pressure points or alternately natural oils, such as lavender oil. Most essential oils should be diluted before using on skin, I recommend using coconut oil. I will be writing a blog soon about essential oils. The obvious answer is to try to rest the arm, but if it gets really bad I will use an elbow support. Sometimes  if it extremely bad and to avoid using it I will use a sling, I hate doing this as it draws attention to my arm, then you get all the questions of what happened to your arm . Then I feel I have to either explain or just to say I hurt it, as fibromyalgia to long to explain. Also what I find that helps is placing a hot water bottle on the pressure points and avoiding sleeping on my elbows. I do strengthen my arms with weights, but to avoid pain in my pressure points I don’t use heavy weights and don’t over do it.


2 thoughts on “Pressure points

  1. My elbows are also really bad spots for me. The worst is when I am driving because eventually it causes some muscle weakness which sometimes unfortunately means I have to switch arms when driving and keep that one immobilized. Imagine when both elbows get that bad, then add a knee or two…… that means pull over for an hour or so. It also means I cannot lay on my stomach unless my arms are flat and to the side… no elbows.
    Question…. What pain gel do you use, because the driving situation is getting to me.


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