So after waiting 7 months for the outcome of having a health assessment I have been told I’ve failed it. The reasons are laughable apparently because I’m able to walk and as I bake cakes I do not have a disability. Granted I’m a lot more mobile than others with fibromyalgia, but currently I am unable to work as when I work I do flare up.  At first this annoyed and upset me. The principle mainly and the fact that the nurse doing my health assessment obviously has no clue about fibromyalgia.

I have passed my health assessment  last year so don’t see how things can just change. I can appeal the decision, which I will do as it’s just simply handing in paper work which I have plenty of, but knowing the system it will probably be rejected. I have been told I can go to court and appeal further, I believe this will just be to stressful and there is no guarantee of a positive outcome. At the end of the day I can’t do anything about the way the system works and that they employ uneducated health professionals to determine if fibromyalgia is a disability or not. I’m going to let this go and if I win the appeal I win it, but I’m not going to stress myself out over it. I’ve been placed in a work capability group which is pointless as I’m signed off  work currently by the doctor.

As you can see in my other blogs I am changing my fitness and life style to get better and am slowly getting there. I am hoping to go back to work by the summer. So hopefully I won’t need benefits any longer and this may give me the push to become more determined to get myself back to working.  I think it’s still very unfair that fibromyalgia isn’t automatically classed as a disability in the health assessments. Don’t let ignorance get you down.


9 thoughts on “‘Fibromyalgia isn’t a disability ‘. Failing my health assessment

  1. I understand your frustration. I was rejected TWICE. The second time, I requested a hearing and represented myself before a magistrate – no court… just a conference room. I was approved based on my own comments and the detailed affidavit sent in by my doctor. Please appeal!

    The annoying part of all this is the people doing the rejecting are not doctors and are going by physical formularies… and the wording of your application.

    I had to stop working right after the first rejection. The flare-ups were horrible and I ended up hospitalized twice. As you probably know, being hospitalized for a chronic illness only helps with pain management. Once your blood pressure levels off and you’re out of the heart attack/stroke zone, you’re on your own again. 😉

    Don’t discount your own physical condition. I have sisters with Fibro, and compared to one I look like an Olympian. Compared to another, I look like an invalid. That’s the problem with chronic illnesses – they look different on each person, making it hard to pin down causes and treatments… and dare I hope… a cure.

    My hearing was seventeen years ago when Fibro sufferers were sometimes treated with psychological methods… because it was “all in our heads”. Fortunately, I had a doctor who kept abreast of new issues and treatments of chronic illnesses.

    Check the two links below. Good luck to you! 😉

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  2. Sorry you are having such difficulty with your health assessment. I think the extra stress just exacerbates the fibromyalgia. I am glad you are not letting it get to you. Good luck with what you do to handle the situation. It is too bad that fibromyalgia is not considered a disability.

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  3. Unfortunately each judge in each state has different opinions, but their opinions are how the disabilities are determined. I live in Arkansas and my disability date is April 15, 1999. But I had a wonderful lawyer whose wife had fibro so he knew exactly what to tell the judge.
    I tried to go back to work last July. It only lasted 8 weeks and I still havent gotten back to pre-work health.
    Thank you for your blog. Prayers up for you.

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  4. It takes a long time, i know fibromyalga sufferers who have been trying for 15 years. I took mine through the final appeals, my attorney said I have no case. I basically have go to work & get fired, repeatedly, to prove I can’t work.

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