Exercise is important with fibromyalgia. No matter how little you do it may help with pain, attitude and depression. Not moving makes pain worse, well it does for me.

My fitness goals are:
– Swimming once a week and then increasing to twice a week.                              

– Continuing with ab work outs. I recommend the app ‘abs’ available on the app store.                                                                 –

– Strengthening arms with light weights.      

– Once anxiety is under control I want to join a yoga class.                                              

What are your fitness goals ?







9 thoughts on “My fitness goals

  1. My fitnes goals are:
    * Walk 3 days per week (one hour minimum)
    * Static bicycle 2-3 times per week
    * Do stretching daily (or pilates, or yoga…)

    (I´m sorry, my english is very bad…)

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  2. I am using my Wii fit + at the moment; doing 30 minutes each day. I am aiming to reach my 10 hour, bronze piggi. Then go onto 20 hours silver, 30 hours gold…I also use my mini trampoline/rebounder. I find I have no pain when I am jogging on my mini trampoline…I also love gardening, but sometimes the pain in my hips & back gets too much…


  3. Ow this is inspiring to read 🙂 thank you!
    Ah yoga is so good for me (afterwards cause during I just have so much pain) but my yoga place has moved and now I have to cycle first to get there and that’s an obstacle that keeps me from going. Same goes for swimming, I used to have to car but I’m now still getting used to doing everything on my bicycle. But I do miss yoga & swimming in warm water and my body does too. So I’m gonna think of ways to make it possible! ♥


  4. I am starting swimming again, same schedule you posted too. My goal is 300 yards (12 lenghts) so I can go back to work lifeguarding. I swam once last week. I have to start an arms routine because my bursa in my right shoulder is acting up from the swimming. And I want to do abs since I just had a baby.

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