I strongly recommend swimming for fibromyalgia sufferers. I know exercise can be hard for those with fibromyalgia, but swimming does not put your joints under stress. Swimming also offers resistance, which can strengthen the muscles.

It’s best to pace yourself and increase your swimming time slowly. If you can’t swim that is ok, you could always walk up and down in the shallow end or take water aerobics if you feel confident and strong enough, this consists of standing up in water which is not too deep (well depending on your height that is) and doing aerobic moves. Some place even have different classes for different hardness levels. Aerobics is a great exercise for everyone and unlike normal aerobics doesn’t put stress on the joints therefore there won’t be too much after pain like normal aerobics. Water aerobics is probably best to try after you have strengthen yourself through normal swimming depending on your current strength, unless you feel your strength level are good enough or your currently already swimming.


10 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and swimming.

  1. I did aquatic exercises for fibromyalgia, when swimming got too hard, and loved it! Helped my mobility a lot too. But the same exercises were too stressful in air. So I can second the aquatic therapy recommendation! 🙂

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  2. I love swimming for exercise. It is much easier on the aching joints. I have gotten away from it for a while because I moved so I can only swim when the lake is warm enough. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Love the water! I’m never as achy and stiff after swimming or therapy.

    If there’s no ready access to a pool, contact your local city recreation department. Many do offer water aerobics classics specifically for those living with chronic illnesses. 😉


  4. I find it hard to even get to a swimming pool, it takes great effort and I’m lucky if I get there once every cpl weeks. Usually it’s once a month. I also have chronic back pain, shoulder tendinosis and and sciatica, plus neck spondylosis and fm/me. The pain in my hands and feet is debilitating in and of itself. No one is doing anything to help me, just meds which hardly work. Thx for your post. It encourages me to at least make sure I do get to the pool when I can. Peace and love to u all!


    1. You sound like your dealing with a lot 😟 Keep pushing the doctors to help you depending where you live, here in the uk there’s a lot of pain management programs you could get them to refer you to. Thanks for reading my blog


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