Chronic pain sufferers who can not work due to their condition, may find themselves struggling when it comes to their finances. Here’s a few thing you can do to make some extra cash at home.                                                                            
 – Online surveys, where you earn points which you can exchange for money or vouchers. There are lots of online surveys available, just make sure you give them a google and read some reviews before joining. The online survey website I use is swagbucks.                                                  

-Selling old clothes and household items you don’t use or need, on various selling platforms. I personally use eBay, vinted, depop and mercari. You may be worrying that you may not be able to get to the post office, but there are alternative couriers you can use, who will pick up from your house, such as  my Hermes.                                                      – if you are arty or creative you could sell your hand made creations online. You could sell them on the selling platforms I previously recommended. I also recommend selling homemade items on etsy.                                          

 – Pet sitting is also a good way to make some extra cash. The only thing is you would have to go to the persons house to look after their pets. Which is pretty relaxed just feed them and they may ask you to walk them. If your not up to walking you could just chose to pet sit cats or those who don’t require their dogs to be walked. If your able too you could do dog boarding at your own house. Only thing is they will most likely need to be walked. But you can pick and chose which dogs to take in and can chose to just have one at a time.                                              

– House sitting is also something you could consider, basically get paid to sit in someone’s house when they are away or on holiday.                        

I’m sure that lots of other ways to make money from home and it’s worth doing some reasearch.


5 thoughts on “Making extra money whilst not working, due to chronic illness.

  1. I’ve tried surveys, but haven’t had much luck. You can also do theater checks & go watch trailers, doesn’t make much, usually $7 an assignment, up to $30. Hopefully someone can post where they’ve had success.


  2. I test websites and apps. There are 2 companies that I do it for, but it is very hit or miss. I can make $200 one week and then nothing the next. One of the two companies definitely provides more tests as well. I just thought I’d throw that option out there too in case anyone is interested.

    I have also had very little luck with surveys though. I have had broken surveys, surveys that kick me out 10 minutes in saying that I don’t meet the criteria and that I got $0.10 for my time. I’d love to hear a story of someone who was able to make it worth it.

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