This month I will be sharing Rebecca’s fibromyalgia story. Rebecca has a positive attitude and I hope her story can inspire others.

Hi there I’m not generally in the habit of sharing my personal journey but as you are trying to spread positivity I thought I would let you know how Fibromyalgia has affected me. I was struggling constantly with tiredness, I was often depressed and struggling to maintain a career and being a mum whilst still young and couldn’t understand why I was unable to cope, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia approx 7 years ago and put on anti-depressants. Although initially it got me out of a rut.

After attending a support group I became focused on ensuring my life would not be spent on medication or depressed & researched continuously ways to improve my condition, I also suffer with condochronditis and have also had to take medication for a prolatinoma but through this I have ensured that exercise and healthy eating is a main part of my life, reading self help books and maintaining a positive mind has kept me on the right road and I can truly say I live a happy and fulfilled life now. Thankyou so much Rebecca for sharing your story.

If you would like to share your fibromyalgia story with myfibrofitness direct message me on instagram,@myfibrofitness. You can also email me at


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