There are a lot of essential oils that fibromyalgia sufferers user to help with their symptoms. All this information is from research and my personal use of essential oils. It is important to research how to use and apply these oils safely. Some oils will need to be diluted and may not be suitable for certain people.

1. Lavender oil. This oil has a relaxing and calming effect on the nerves. It also can help calm depression and panic. Lavender oil is also used to help with sleep. If rubbed into temples this oil can help reduce migraine and head ache pains.

2.Peppermint oil. This oil has
anti-inflammatory properties and is also used as an analgesic, anesthetic, antiseptic and astringent. 3. Patchouli oil . This oil can be used to help with depression and emotional disorders. You can also use this oil to reduce inflammation and strengthen your muscles.

4. Black pepper oil. This oil can increase body heat and relieve pain in muscles and joints. This oil can also reduce fatigue and stimulate the digestive and immune system.

5.Rosemary oil. This oil has levels of analgesic properties, which can reduce the inflammatory aches and pains that are associated with fibromyalgia.


6 thoughts on “5 essential oils that can help with fibromyalgia symptoms

    1. Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹ you can use massage, you can put a few drops in your bath, you can burn them on an oil burner, you can apply a small amount to the temples or wrists, for sleeping I put lavenda on my pillow. You can also mixed the oils together, choosing smell and effects that complement each other. Difernt oik are more effect used in certain ways. Just make sure you check if the oil needs to be diluted or not as it is a strong one it can irritate the skin. If you have Instagram you can DM message me @fibrofitness or email me: and I can Send you some more information.

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