People with fibromyalgia can be sensitive to temperature changes. These temperature changes can cause flare ups and discomfort. Are you somebody that in heat feels like they are constantly burning up? , or are you somebody who just cant keep warm in the winter?, or do you suffer from both?

Personally I suffer when the temperature turns colder. In the winter I get a lot more pain and am a lot more tired.  I find sometimes i just cant get warm so layer up a lot, even in warmer weather i feel the cold more than others. When its baking hot i’m not at all cold ,just hot and bothered like everyone else. I don’t see a difference in flare ups in hotter weather and don’t feel the hot weather really effects me. Saying all this i do sometimes seem to get random hot flushes, in any temperature, which is not pleasant.

Why do people with fibromyalgia suffer from sensitivity with temperature changes? Research says that some fibromyalgia patients  have abnormal body temperatures, which means they lack the ability to adapt to changes in temperature. When being being exposed to heat, cold or both, their pain threshold is lowered. This means  that it takes less extreme temperatures to make feel pain.


5 thoughts on “Temperature change and fibromyalgia

  1. I remember when I was first diagnosed that I loved being in heat. In summer when you’d open a car door, and the thick, hot would seemed inescapable, that was heaven for me! These days, I suffer from both and my body doesn’t adapt well to either temperature changes. I also get those random hot flashes! Most often they’re localized, but sometimes I get full hot flashes and I feel like I’m hitting early menopause. I’m only in my twenties! I didn’t know they were related to fibromyalgia, so thanks for making me feel less strange.

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