Eating regularly

I know sometimes when you are  feeling ill and in pain you do not really feel like eating or don't have the energy to. But it is very important to maintain your energy levels. Having five small meals a day can help maintain your energy levels. If you wanted to you could have two of … Continue reading Eating regularly


Home made onion bhaji and riata (Gluten free)

These onion barhjis are so tasty and are easy to make. Not my healthiest recipe but a good alternative to a takeaway, plus they are gluten free.  Recipe makes about 10 onion barhjis.                 Onion barhji                                 … Continue reading Home made onion bhaji and riata (Gluten free)

Almond and Parmesan courgette fries

These yummy fries are a great healthy alternative and are super easy to make. Ingredients    1 large courgette 2 eggs 110g  ground almonds 55mg parmesan cheese Salt Pepper Method  Preheat oven to 190 degrees and line baking tray with grease proof/baking paper. Cut courgettes up into sticks. In a bowl whisk up 2 eggs … Continue reading Almond and Parmesan courgette fries

Gluten free oat and peanutbutter cookies

These oat and peanutbutter gluten free cookies are delicious and you only need 4 ingredients, so easy to make! Ingredients:                                                                 -100mg of gluten … Continue reading Gluten free oat and peanutbutter cookies